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Tractor Duals
With the newer tractors that are being built today having more power and heavier operating weights, the tire load ratings, along with design, have also changed in recent years.  Tire manufacturers now offer IF and VF tires which allow you to carry more load at a lower pressure than standard tires.  Running lower air pressure gives you a bigger footprint and helps reduce soil compaction.  Kirchner Wheel Inc. offers many different brands of tires along with rims to fit your operation.  
Narrow Tires
Narrow tires are used on equipment that needs to operate on narrow row spacing, typically 15”, 20” or 22” rows.  Kirchner Wheel Inc. offers narrow tire and rim options to fit these needs.  Rear triples are also used in narrow rows to gain more traction. Narrow Tires
Front Duals
Front duals have become popular in the last few years due to the newer tractors having more power and heavier weight ratings.  The front duals provide more traction and less soil compaction along with better ride and better auto trac response.  There are two dual designs.  Pictured first is a one-piece welded style and next is a two-piece design. Front Duals

Front Duals
Flotation tires are mainly used for non-row crop use and provide a bigger footprint along with more traction than row crop tires.  Kirchner Wheel Inc. can provide flotation tires and rims for your equipment needs.