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Combine Straddle Duals
Straddle Duals® are solidly built and constructed with only the highest of standards. They consist of heavy gauge rims (.281 thickness to optional .312 thickness) to carry heavy loads. The formed wheel centers are also extremely strong due to 3/4” thickness on the inside wheel and 5/8” thickness on the dual wheel.

You can also expect great performance from Straddle Duals®. The dual follows the rows, so there is no stubble damage to tires and leaves stocks standing untouched. The wide stance of Straddle Duals® in conjunction with short sidewalls on the four tires makes the combine very stable. This eliminates any “rock and roll”. The large window between the tires also enhances mud flow in wet field conditions.

Straddle Duals® are also very easy to work with because of the double bolt pattern which enables the operator to remove the outside wheel separately for convenience, safety, service and transporting.

Our duals relieve stress on your equipment as well. Special offsets in the wheels allow the final drive to be near center, between the duals. The inside tires and wheels carry more weight than the duals due to the duals lower air pressure. This results in less stress on the final drive and main frame of the combine.

Finally, Straddle Duals® are made to fit many row widths with special size tires and special length frame extensions, including the use of 6 row corn heads.
Combine Straddle Duals
Frame Extensions
Kirchner Wheel Inc. also manufactures special frame extensions to almost any length. Frame extensions relocate the final drives so tires run between rows to prevent costly tire damage and increase stability. Each extension kit comes with 2 extensions, 2 drive shafts, 1 bolt package and truss rod.

Frame Extensions
OEM Replacement Combine Duals

Kirchner Wheel Inc. offers new replacement OEM combine rims.

OEM Replacement Combine Duals